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Performance Coaching: Is It Just for Athletes?

It may surprise some people to hear that performance coaching has value to individuals who do not identify themselves as athletes, well at least in the current moment of their lives, maybe they did in their former years. Despite not being an athlete, these individual experience similar demands for optimal performance in their job. Salesmen, executives, and those who work in the financial field often seek out performance coaching when they believe they are functioning below their optimal level. Their drive for change can be financial, disciplinary, or just self-fulfillment. Whatever the reason for the individual seeking out treatment, they often express similar difficulties to their athlete counterparts: anxiety, negative self-talk, low confidence, difficulty with pressure, and fear.

Since their difficulties are so similar to that of an athlete, it is only natural that a sports psychologist may be involved in their remedial efforts. Through therapy, individuals can gain insight into their emotions and behaviors, and understand the relationship they have on their performance. Ultimately, this insight is how an individual is able to make the changes necessary to catapult them into that higher level of performance; at high performance levels (sports field or professional workplace), the playing field is pretty much even. Everyone has great equipment, skills, knowledge, and training- the only area that they differ is mentally and emotionally. Once an individual understands the impact of their mental and emotional process, seeking out psychological coaching is a logical step.

For many professionals, the key to performance coaching is identifying behavioral patterns. Set patterns that negatively impact an individual’s performance can lead to high levels of frustration, loss of confidence, and increased anxiety in the workplace. If you are a struggling professional, do you notice that you struggle in the same types of situations, under the same conditions, or around specific time?

The better an individual understands themselves, the better they are at making necessary changes. If you are a professional, and in need of assistance reaching your optimal performance levels, let me help!You can insert images and videos by clicking on the icons above.

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