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Gymnastics is a complex sport involving the performance of exercises requiring physical strength, flexibility, power, agility, coordination, grace, balance and control. Gymnastics involves the women's events of uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise, and vault. Men's events are floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars, and the high bar.


Gymnastics require a large amount of mental toughness in order to push their bodies to the physical demands of the sport on the various apparatuses. Often times, the largest obstacle faced by gymnasts, is fear. Many female gymnasts fear going backwards, especially on the balance beam. When fear enters the gym, other factors such as self doubt and confidence become important factors to assess. There are many techniques to help gymnasts overcome fear, as well as the other mental blocks that might be interfering with their performance.

Girl Practicing Gymnastics

Common psychological obstacles that can occur:

  • Anxiety (physical and mental)

  • Uneven performance between practice and meets

  • Fear of different events

  • Fear of going backwards

  • Difficulty overcoming mistakes

  • Confidence

  • Problems with self-talk

  • Attention and focus deficits

  • Recovering from an injury

  • Optimal performance training


If you believe you or your child may be battling with mental obstacles that could be affecting their overall athletic performance, please call MVP Mentality today. Dr. Hennessy can help athletes of any age and level to optimize their performance on and off the field with cutting edge tactics.


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