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Common psychological obstacles that can occur:

  • Anxiety (physical and mental)

  • Uneven performance between practice and meets

  • Fear

  • Trouble performing under pressure

  • Slow decision making

  • Difficulty overcoming mistakes

  • Confidence

  • Problems with self-talk

  • Problems with pre-performance routines

  • Attention and focus deficits

  • Recovering from an injury

  • Optimal performance training


If you believe you or your child may be battling with mental obstacles that could be affecting their overall athletic performance, please call MVP Mentality today. Dr. Hennessy can help athletes of any age and level to optimize their performance on and off the field with cutting edge tactics.


With a unique therapy plan designed on a per-patient basis, she knows that the right therapy makes all the difference. Call today at 954-317-0551 or email her at


Wrestling Men


Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinches fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. A wrestling bout is a physical competition, between two (occasionally more) competitors or sparring partners, who attempt to gain and maintain a superior position. There are a wide range of styles with varying rules with both traditional historic and modern styles. Wrestling techniques have been incorporated into other martial arts as well as military hand-to-hand combat systems.


Wrestling is an aggressive sport in which athletes need to keep their cool in order to compete at their optimal levels, yet be aggressive enough to make big/successful moves/decisions. Confidence, quick decisions, and mental flexibility are essential in wrestling- without them the athletes will not be able to obtain optimal levels of athletic performance.


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