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Get Your MIND in the Game!

August 2018

This is a journal based book aimed at helping athletes to develop strong daily habits that will help push their athletic performance to the next level.

The Dark Side of Football | ViceTV

May 2021


In this documentary, Dr. Hennessy gave a sports psychologist perspective on "Transgressions, crimes, and scandals from America's most popular sport: football".

Hidden Gems |

April 2018


This publication was written about Dr. Hennessy and MVP Mentality to highlight local hidden gems. These articles are written to highlight entrepreneurs and local businesses.

The Key to Competitive Running |

July 2014


This publication is written to help competitive runners create the proper mentality necessary to surpass the competition. 


If you are a competitive runner struggling with obstacles that can be affecting your performance, the sports psychologist at MVP Mentality can help. 

The Zone | The Locker Room Magazine

July 2013


This publication is written to discuss how neurofeedback can improve athletic performance. 



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