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Traditional Team Sports


Michael Jordan once said, "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships". This is the foundation that is used for all traditional team sports. If you or your child are an athlete struggling in your sport and feel that you could be affecting your team, the Sports Psychologist of MVP Mentality Sports Psychology can help you! With individualized treatement plans, our sports psychologist can help address the mental blocks impacting your overall athletic performance and can help optimize your athletic ability on and off the field. Learn more about a particular traditional team sport below. 


Rowing, also known as Crew, originates back to Egyptian times. The team uses oars to propel the boat across the water. The most common injury in rowing is lower back injury because the athlete is using their torso to contribute to their range of motion. Overcoming an injury can affect your confidence levels and self-talk which in turn can effect your teams performance. If you are struggling in Rowing, learn more here. 

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