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Common psychological obstacles that can occur:

  • Anxiety (physical and mental)

  • Inconsistent monthly/quarterly performance

  • Fear

  • Trouble performing under pressure

  • Slow decision making

  • Difficulty overcoming errors or bad months/quarters

  • Confidence

  • Problems with self-talk

  • Attention and focus deficits

  • Overcoming negative behavior patterns


If you believe you  may be battling with mental obstacles that could be affecting their overall performance in the workplace, please call MVP Mentality today. Dr. Hennessy can help professionals in many different fields optimize their performance.


With a unique therapy plan designed on a per-patient basis, she knows that the right therapy makes all the difference. Call today at 954-317-0551 or email her at


Performance Coaching

Salesmen, executives, and those who work in the financial field often seek out performance coaching when they believe they are functioning below their optimal level. Their drive for change can be financial, disciplinary, or just self-fulfillment. Professional environments can be competitive in nature with high risk/rewards. Individuals need to have a strong set of emotional and mental skills to reach their full potential.


Through therapy, individuals can gain insight into their emotions and behaviors, and understand the relationship they have on their performance. Ultimately, this insight is how an individual is able to make the changes necessary to catapult them into that higher level of performance; at high performance levels (sports field or professional workplace), the playing field is pretty much even. Everyone has great equipment, skills, knowledge, and training- the only area that they differ is mentally and emotionally. Once an individual understands the impact of their mental and emotional process, seeking out psychological coaching is a logical step.


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