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NFL looking into hiring Sports Psychologist?

​NY Times reports that the NFL is looking into hiring sports psychologist for the NFL Scouting Combines. Everyone knows that every year the best players in the NCAA are invited to participate in a scouting combine for all 32 NFL teams to take a look at what they have to offer. Recent reports have been made about the rising interest in hiring sports psychologist to help administer tests that evaluate the optimal performance potential of athletes.

​Teams believe that by having professionals mentally test the ability of these potential athletes, teams will be better able to make more solid choices on who they want to draft. By being able to test the athletes ability to perform under pressure, adjust their thinking, and measure how quickly they respond, teams will have more information about the factors that will influence their decisions on what picks are more valuable during the draft.

To learn more about the options and possibilities sports psychology can have on your athletic performance, contact MVP Mentality Sports Psychology to speak with a Sports Psychologist on how to become a better athlete and a MVP. To read the NY Times article, click here.

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