MVP Mentality Sports Psychology can show you how. With Sports Psychologist Director Dr. Lauren Hennessy, no goal is too large to overcome with NeuroFeedback.

​​Dr. Hennessy previously served as the Director of the Optimal Performance division at a Psychology Practice in Weston, FL. Dr. Hennessy completed a collaborative study with the St. Thomas University Women’s Basketball team to understand how neurofeedback helps athletic performance. . Twelve varsity athletes were administered several psychological tests and questionnaires before participating in 23 neurofeedback sessions, and then were reevaluated.


The results of the study found:​


• The team had the highest free throw and field goal percentage in school history, and was invited to the national tournament for the second time in school history despite losing their two starting guards to knee injuries.

• 94% improvement in sustained attention

• 68% improvement in impulse control

• 31% drop in overall symptoms for the team, with one athlete reporting a 54% drop in symptoms.

• Athletes responded to stimuli with lower intensity

• Athletes demonstrated improvement in the following factors: conflicts/pressure, fatigue, lack of energy, physical recovery, burnout/emotional exhaustion, fitness/injury/ fitness/being in shape, self-efficacy, and disturbed breaks.​​


These results transferred to the court:​


• Team invited to the National Tournament

• Player named Sun Conference Defensive Player of the Year

• 2 players named First-Team All-Conference

• 1 player named Second-Team All-Conference

• 4 times this season, players were awarded Sun Conference Player of the Week

• 2 players in Top 5 of conference for scoring (3rd and 5th)

• Player ranked 1st in the conference for steals per game

• Player ranked 3rd in the conference for rebounds per game

• Player ranked 4th in the conference for field goal percentage

• Team was ranked 2nd for offensive scoring, as well as defensive scoring, per game, 3rd for defensive field goal percentages and total offensive rebounds per game, and 5th for offensive field goal percentages.


Dr. Lauren Swenson Hennessy, Psy.D. is the Director of MVP Mentality. Dr. Hennessy received her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Miami, and went on to get her Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Hennessy currently serves as the in house Sports Psychologst at the American Twisters Gymnastics Center, and is also a member of the Association for Applied Sports Psychology (AASP). Dr. Hennessy was also featured in The Locker Room Magazine in July 2013 for her publication on 'The Zone'