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'Mind over Matter' is the Boston Red Sox's New Focus!

​Spring Training has always consisted of 50% batting and 50% catching, but that is not the case for the Red Sox's this year. New manager John Farrell has bigger ideas for the team including adding 'mental skills' to the team practices. With Sports Psychology growing in all professional sports, no team wants to be left out, especially the Boston Red Sox.​

Farrell tells the media, "Personally, I'm a huge believer in the mental side of the game. We spend so much time on the field... in the weight room, and sometimes what gets neglected is what goes on up here...". The team has made the decision to hire an in house Sports Psychologist to spend about 85 days with the team, training the players mentally; a majority of those days will be on away games.​

Become a better player on and off the field. MVP Mentality Sports Psychology can teach you how! We build better athletes by making stronger leaders. Call MVP Mentality Sports Psychology today to speak with a Sports Psychologist about different services that can be made available to you. To read the Boston Red Sox article, click here.

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