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Minnesota Gophers are proof Sports Psychology Works!

For those of you whole LOVE March Madness, were probably not surprised when you found out that Tubby Smith (head coach of the Minnesota Gophers) was fired after they gave they University of Florida a ticket to the sweet sixteen. But if you were to dig a little deeper you would know that the No. 1 ranked team Indiana Hoosiers lost to the Minnesota Gophers on Feb. 26 with a final score of 73-77.​

The interesting part of this whole event is that Coach Smith was fired after one of the best seasons that the Gophers have ever had. After a back-to-back horrible loss of more than 20 points to Iowa and Ohio State back in the beginning of February, Coach Smith told his team that they needed some counseling on the "Psychology of Winning". Thinking that what we were saying was just a comment, right before the Minnesota vs. Indiana game Coach Smith brought in a sports psychologist to talk to his basketball team. Smith refused to give details to the media when asked about the encounter on Feb 25 after practice (the day before the game). But what happened the following day was astonishing. ​

On Feb. 26, the Minnesota Gophers beat the Indiana Hoosiers 73-77. Three of the last 18 times that the Gophers have played against a number 1 ranked team, they lost. And after two back-to-back 20 point losses to Iowa and Ohio State, this was the last thing the Hoosiers saw coming.​

Sports Psychology worked for the Minnesota Gophers team, and it can work for you! Although Coach Smith still got fired, (he should have brought in a Sports Psychologist for his team sooner!), the team still grew and were better than they have in the past few years. Learn the tricks and get the mindset you need to be a premiere athlete. MVP Mentality Sports Psychologist can help you reach those goals! Call Dr. Lauren Hennessy at 954-317-0551 or email her (click here to email Dr. Hennessy) to make an appointment and start to slam dunk on your competition!

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